Navratilova, Lobsters spring by Lasers in OT


The Boston Lobsters won their second consecutive home match and inched closer to evening their record with a 23-19 overtime victory against the Springfield Lasers at Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton Wednesday night.

Bolstered by all-time great Martina Navratilova, who played women’s doubles and mixed doubles, the Lobsters (4-5) held off a late Laser charge in the fifth set, closing out the match with a mixed doubles OT win.


“Martina is amazing in team tennis – she makes everyone better,” said Lobsters coach Tim Mayotte, who played doubles with Navratilova when both were highly-ranked professionals two decades ago. “Springfield is a tough team, and we needed every game to get by them.”


Boston opened the match with Jan-Michael Gambill securing a 5-2 men’s singles victory, his fifth victory in singles in his last six matches. Following a 3-5 loss in women’s singles, Gambill and Amir Hadad teamed in men’s doubles for a 5-4 win to send the Lobsters to halftime with a 13-9 advantage.


The second half was all Navratilova, who played with the original iteration of the Lobsters in 1978, as well as in more recent seasons (2005 and 2006). In women’s doubles, she and Raquel Kops-Jones won 5-2, in which Navratilova won eight of 9 service points. And in mixed doubles, she and Hadad fell, 4-5, in a tiebreaker, but closed out the match in the second game of overtime.

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