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 Boston Lobsters Announce Community Outreach Partnership with YMCA of the North Shore


(Marblehead, MA  March 28, 2009) – The Boston Lobsters formally announced a community outreach partnership with the YMCA’s of the North Shore in an event at the new Marblehead/Swampscott YMCA that opened in December 2008.  This partnership will enable YMCA of the North Shore to offer a number of tennis programs and clinics as well as access to tennis equipment and tennis pros.
The Boston Lobsters are part of the Advanta WTT Pro League, co-founded by tennis legend Billie Jean King who is a strong proponent of equality and who promotes an agenda of tennis for all.  Ilana Kloss, WTT CEO/Commissioner, who attended the event said, ” WTT and the YMCA are a great match because they both represent similar philosophies of service to the community, a commitment to equality and to enriching the lives of children.”

The Boston Lobsters community outreach program will allow the YMCA to add tennis programs not previously available. World TeamTennis, together with the Boston Lobsters, are committed to the success of the program and have already donated 1,000 tennis balls along with hundreds of tennis racquets.  “The YMCA only had 2 tennis racquets and 5 tennis balls, so tennis was not something we could make available,” said Merri-Lynn Lathrop, Senior Program Director, Ispwich YMCA. “With the help of the Boston Lobsters, we are able to introduce tennis to many kids who wouldn’t otherwise get to try it.  It’s exciting to see them pick up a racquet and experience the thrill of hitting the ball over the net for the first time.”  The Boston Lobsters will provide clinics and tennis pros at the YMCA’s throughout the summer.
“Tennis for everyone is our motto.” Commented Bahar Uttam, CEO of the Boston Lobsters, “One of the greatest benefits of World Team Tennis is the opportunity it provides for local communities to attend professional tennis matches.”  WTT annually attracts tennis superstars like Venus and Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Martina Navratilova and Kim Clijsters to name a few.

Bringing tennis to everyone sometimes presents a challenge where there are no tennis courts or limited courts available.   The USTA’s QuickStart tennis program offers a new format to help kids ten and younger learn and play tennis.  Quickstart uses equipment that is scaled to the size and ability level of young children.  It is a portable system that makes it easy to transform a gymnasium, basketball court or parking lot into multiple tennis courts.

Helping kids is an important part of the community outreach partnership between the North Shore YMCA and the Boston Lobsters. In conjunction with that effort, they are holding a special fundraising event featuring a night with Billie Jean King to raise money for the YMCA Kids Camp Connection, a program that provides scholarships to children in need. “Last year, the YMCA of the North Shore provided scholarships for more than 5,500 kids and already this year, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of scholarship applicants,” commented Chris Lovasco, COO, YMCA North Shore. “We are excited about the effort with the Boston Lobsters to raise money for camperships at our Y’s.  This is a first in what we hope will become an annual collaboration.”

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Pictured above from left:Chris Lovasco, COO of North Shore YMCA, Ilana Kloss, CEO/Commissioner of WTT, and Bahar Uttam, CEO Boston Lobsters.
About Advanta WTT Pro League:
The 34th season of the Advanta WTT Pro League runs July 2-26, concluding with the Advanta WTT Finalswhere teams battle for the coveted King Trophy.
WTT is well known for introducing innovative elements to tennis including instant replay, co-ed format, multi-colored courts, cumulative and no-ad scoring, on-court coaching, Supertiebreakers and player names on back of their shirts.
Team matches consist of five events, with one set each of men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.  The first team to reach five games wins each set.  A nine-point tiebreaker is played if a set reaches four-all.  One point is awarded for each game won.  If necessary, Overtime and a Supertiebreaker are played to determine the winner of the match.

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